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Rice Shampoo Soap Bar

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Looking for a natural way to clean your hands?

This handmade soap is the perfect solution! Its gentle formula is perfect for daily use and leaves your hands feeling clean and refreshed.


All-Natural Ingredients: Made with only the finest natural ingredients, this soap is gentle on your skin and the environment.

Handmade: Each bar of soap is carefully crafted by hand, ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail.

 Cleansing: With its powerful cleansing properties, this soap effectively removes dirt and grime, leaving your hands feeling clean and refreshed.


  • NET WT: 100g 
  • Item Type: Soap 
  • Function: Cleaning


  • Wet hands with warm water
  • Lather soap in hands
  • Rub hands together for 20 seconds, making sure to clean all areas
  • Rinse hands thoroughly with water and dry with a clean towel


Q: What ingredients are used in Rice Shampoo Soap Bar?
A: This soap is made with all-natural ingredients, including rice bran oil, coconut oil, olive oil, and shea butter.
Q: How big is each bar of soap?
A: Each bar has a net weight of 100g.
Q: Is this soap suitable for daily use?
A: Yes, this soap is perfect for daily use. Its gentle formula is ideal for keeping your hands clean and refreshed.
Q: Is this soap handmade?
A: Yes, each bar of soap is carefully crafted by hand to ensure the highest quality and attention to detail. Quality Soap Disclaimer

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